Caroline Blackburn No. 497

Caroline Blackburn No. 497

No. 497, 2019

14"H x 11" diameter

Stoneware, iron rich glaze.

Handmade in Los Angeles, CA by Caroline Blackburn.

Caroline Blackburn, is an award winning native Los Angeles sculptural ceramic artist, who creates vessels that explore her interest in abstract painting, architecture, fashion and nature. Caroline studied Art History and Studio Arts graduating magna cum laude from Boston College. At Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California she studied with some of the foremost artists of our times while earning a MFA focusing on fine arts.

Trained as a painter, her sculptural ceramic work focuses on bringing a freshness and immediacy to each piece through color, form, and surface texture. Every work is one of a kind whether it is thrown on a wheel, hand built, or a combination of both techniques. While investigating an interest in form, the work produces a continual shift between surface, texture, color and object. Each vessel provides a contemporary sense of life that is very personal yet universal at the same time. 

Caroline Blackburn's work was recently and accurately described as "perfectly
imperfect." She utilizes size, shape, color and texture in unusual and rule -breaking ways to construct art work which has a proven appeal. Her work has a tension created by combining the conflicting and compatible, contemporary and ageless, soft and textured, thrown, hand-built, and sculptured-perfect and imperfect.