Furniture Tonic

Furniture Tonic

Christophe Pourny Furniture Tonic nurtures wood as it restores the luster and shine that time and sun can diminish. The tonic is made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that are friendly to the environment and sourced in North America. Organic Linseed and Walnut Oils are natural cures for wood worn by time.

Essential oils and beeswax are added to every bottle, as well as a natural cleanser and drying agent. The tonic is mixed by hand in small batches in NYC.

Instructions: Pour a small amount of tonic on a clean, dry rag. Never pour tonic directly on wood. Wipe product on wood and let stand 20-30 minutes. Remove excess tonic with a clean, dry rag. Wipe again 24 hours later to insure all excess product has been removed. 

Does NOT contain Petroleum distillate. Biodegradable. 

Each bottle contains 200 ML or approx. 6.7 ounces