Eos Mirror
Eos Mirror

Eos Mirror

Ben & Aja Blanc produce limited edition furniture, lighting, and objects handcrafted in the U.S.A. 

Named after the ancient Greek goddess of Dawn, the Eos mirror explores the relationship between the functional and nonfunctional elements of objects,
including the utility of a mirror with the warmth and joie de vivre of fiber.

Based in Providence, RI the studio is committed to creating heirloom furniture and objects using the finest materials, often locally sourced, and produced in collaboration with distinguished artisans and makers. Rooted in formalism, the studio is committed to modern, minimalist forms that are consonant with a wide range of styles and project goals. 

51H x 21W x 1.25D"

Glass, silk, mohair, wool, and brass.

Mirror available in clear, peach, bronze, and grey.

Made to order by Ben and Aja themselves. Lead time 8 weeks.

Please call us at 213.928.0997 to confirm purchase and arrange shipping.