Color Reviver

Color Reviver

CP Color Reviver adds a boost to furniture finish. Reviving aged and worn finishes - or enhancing new items - the reviver will refresh dark wood finishes. Color Reviver will HIDE NICKS & SCRATCHES with one application. All natural ingredients are as kind to the environment as they are to your furniture.

Organic and virgin oils, sourced from North American seeds go into every batch, mixed by hand. Essential oils give every bottle a fresh scent. A natural drying agent derived from trees ensures a lasting finish.

Instructions: Pour a small amount of tonic on a clean, dry rag. Never pour tonic directly on wood. Wipe product on wood and let stand 20-30 minutes. Remove excess tonic with a clean, dry rag. Wipe again 24 hours later to insure all excess product has been removed. 

Does NOT contain Petroleum distillate. Biodegradable. 

Mixed in NYC in small batches. 

6.7 oz Glass Bottle