Extend Mirrors
Extend Mirrors
Extend Mirrors

Extend Mirrors

The Extend Mirrors are an abstraction of the common bamboo ladders used as household objects inside and outside country homes in China. These mundane ladders functioned as an ever-ready stand for hanging a wide variety of things from tools and cloths to dried food. A Chinese ladder is a reflection of its owner, revealing information about them based on how they choose to use it. As a tribute to this utilitarian household symbol, Neri&Hu used three different ladder proportions to make a set of solid hardwood frames for floor standing mirrors — literal reflections of the user.

757S Extend Mirror: Small
W41 × D4 × H220 cm
W16 1/8 × D1 1/2 × H86 2/3 ”

757M Extend Mirror: Medium
W65 × D4 × H220 cm
W25 1/2 × D1 1/2 × H86 2/3 ”

757L Extend Mirror: Large
W95 × D4 × H220 cm
W37 2/5 × D1 1/2 × H86 2/3 ”

Available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes.


Handmade in Portugal.

Please call 310.622.4458 to confirm lead time, purchase, and arrange shipping.