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PLANEfurniture emerges out of the idea that form should inspire; and these forms should function effortlessly. How does one suspend a body in air? Minimalism with character. Although there is rigor and formalism in the planning of PLANEfurniture, the finished pieces are casual, pleasing, and human-friendly. How we sit and how we see design is at the root of this collection. Sophistication and refinement do not preclude modesty and abbreviation. There is a deep pleasure that can be derived from simplicity. There can be a truly luxurious feeling aroused by humble handmade objects. There is a timeless dimension to PLANEfurniture. It attempts to echo the pioneering works of the modernist, avant-garde designers; yet it is contemporary, as all good ideas are. The furniture and objects from PLANEfurniture, because of their neutral forms and minimal physical and psychological space they occupy, coexist seamlessly with other good designs - even objects from an entirely different visual vocabulary, country of origin, or era.

PLANEfurniture is an idea whose time has come: the concept is to create unfussy, beautiful furniture that makes you think, holds your body, eases your mind, and sits well within your budget. Four series - the PLANKseries, WEDGEseries, BLOCKseries, and RODseries - round out the indoor/outdoor roster of planar wood and steel rod designs. The results are pieces that can populate any domestic interior and rekindle the pleasure of simplicity.

PLANEfurniture is in the permanent collections of SFMOMA, The Palm Springs Museum, and the Univesity of California, Santa Barbara (ADC, Architecture and Design Collection, Gebhard Archives).


The WEDGE series has a softer, more traditional character and may see wider distribution as a result. Slatted lounge chairs, ottomans and benches are christened Arrowhead for the profile of their members, and mahogany versions have a strong affinity to the classic Adirondack patio furniture. The differences are equally significant. Arrowhead pieces are like a well-tailored jacket of rough tweed: rugged yet refined, familiar in outline but elegantly detailed and much more compact than traditional models. A lounge chair has a corded back and seat, and the holes for the cords are staggered to create a subtle pattern around the edges. A sidechair appears at first glance to be a sensuous version of the PLANK chair, until you notice the details: a flared back that is rounded to conform to the width of the seat, and then flares out below like a well-cut shirt-waister. And the wedge supports differ in width from front to back, establishing a rhythm in the profile of the chair.


Pictured here in Mahogany with, and without, cowhide cushion. Price reflects frame only.




Base pricing reflects charred oak and oak with matte clear finish. Also available in walnut, teak and other custom timber options. Please inquire for pricing and details. 



H15 x W21 x D23 “
seat depth: 18”


6-8 weeks


Please call 213.928.0997 to confirm purchase and arrange shipping.