Deco Sofa
Deco Sofa
Deco Sofa
Deco Sofa

Deco Sofa

Deco Sofa is a modernist approach to Art Deco, with an emphasis on geometric forms and clean shapes. Oversized 'screws' in gold-plated steel punctuate the solid wood backrest. Awarded first place in the seating category at the 2009 Elle Deco International Design Awards (EDIDA). Designed by Autoban and manufactured by De La Espada for the Autoban brand.


W86 3/5 × D40 7/8 × H22 1/8 ”, seat height 13 2/5 ”

W95 2/3× D46 1/8 × H22 1/8 ”, seat height 13 2/5 ”


Available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes, and a range of fabrics. Gold-plated detailing on the backrest. Three bolster cushions and two square throw cushions soften the backrest. Additional square throw cushions may be purchased separately. The bolster cushions for 243M measure D11 4/5 x L26 " each. The bolster cushions for 243L measure D11 4/5 x L33 1/2 " each. The square throw cushions for both sofa sizes measure W21 2/3 " x L21 2/3 ". Assembly: Deco Sofa


Handmade in Portugal.

Lead Time: 12 - 14 weeks.


Shipping: please call 213.928.0997 to receive shipping quotes.