Murji Cushion

Murji Cushion

The Neem tree stands tall in the Indian landscape. It filters the strong light of the sun and creates a play of shadow. We take our rest, lie and dream. 

Neem grew out of this meditation. It is a global lifestyle brand that reveres nature, its restless creativity, its endless permutations and forms, the artful play of light and shade, and the bounteous gift of air and repose. The collection evokes peace and serenity in an increasingly chaotic world. It reflects a less formal approach to home textiles and leisure wear. The casual layering of a bed or the crumpled cotton of a dress gives a sense of relaxed luxury and of rumpled aristocratic ease.

Most of the wool that is sourced for Neem Living's products comes from a specific breed of sheep that is only found in the Kumaon Hills in Northern India. The breed of sheep is called Harshil and produces very thick and unique fibers when the wool is shorn. All Neem Living items are handmade by local artists in India. 

19" x 19"

100% natural wool and organic cotton cushion cover with feather down insert.