Organic Furniture Paste Wax

Organic Furniture Paste Wax

This classic wax application gives a rich, satin glow to a range of items from cherished antiques to sturdy outdoor furniture. This nourishing paste wax is also applicable on marble and stone - bringing a restored feel to time worn counters, floors, and objects. This eco-friendly formula is made from Organic Carnauba and Beeswax, with added Essential Oils.

Does NOT contain any Petroleum compounds. Enjoy the pleasant scent of Natural Beeswax in the Original formula. 

Instructions: Apply a small amount with a clean rag in a circular motion. Let stand for an hour and buff to a new shine with a clean cloth. Consider waiting overnight before buffing out for best results or first time use. A wool or flannel cloth will work best for buffing to a soft luster shine. Always test on a small area first. 

Mixed in small batches by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

*Cracks in paste wax may occur due to organic formula*